Business/Corporate Law

Attorney Joe Caffrey is a small business owner himself and knows firsthand that owning and running a business is both extremely rewarding and extremely difficult.  Caffrey Law help clients meet those difficulties and challenges head on so they can achieve success in every business aspect. Caffrey Law provides practical, effective advice and counsel at every stage of a business’s lifecycle, from choosing the right type of entity at its formation to managing daily operations and developing a strategy for succession or divestiture.

The harsh reality of owning and operating a business is that sometimes legal disputes arise – even for the most seasoned and well-established entities. Caffrey Law helps each client resolve the full range of legal disputes impacting their business.  This includes the resolution of legal disputes involving partners, shareholders, employees, investors, vendors, management and other businesses. Caffrey Law is fully committed to find the best possible resolution given the circumstances leaving you more time, energy and money to invest into your business.

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