Family Law

Caffrey Law helps clients make wise, well informed and reasonable family law decisions. The approach we take is to focus all of our initial efforts to negotiate and proactively resolve the dispute before a court or judge gets to decide for you. There are many advantages of being able to control the outcome of a family law issue before it winds up in court to be decided by a stranger. However, we realize this is not always possible, but when you hire Caffrey Law you can rest assured knowing we will always act in the best interests of you and your children.

Emotions can run high when you’re faced with a family law issue as they regularly involve custody and visitation of children and have serious financial and lifestyle implications. We understand these stresses and we understand how they can often times impact your overall wellbeing. From the moment you call Caffrey Law you will realize we are here for you and we are focused on resolving your issue and putting you in the best possible position moving forward.

Having the confidence in your legal team to effectively handle the legal aspects of your family law issue will allow you to focus on the ten thousand other things going on your life which must get done as you adapt to the situation. Caffrey Law will give you that confidence.

If you need assistance with the following family law issues please contact Caffrey Law today to discuss how we can help:

  • Dissolution of marriage (divorce),
  • Custody and visitation issues
  • Child support issues
  • Domestic partnerships
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Temporary restraining orders 
  • Domestic violence cases 
  • Other Family Law Matters

Family Law Fees

Divorce costs can become exceptionally expensive. At Caffrey Law we offer rates which are extremely competitive and fair given the financial situation of the individual and the nature of the case. Our commitment to you is simple – we are open and transparent about all costs associated with your case.  please call for a free case evaluation.

Other Family related legal issues can vary greatly in cost depending on the nature of your case. Caffrey Law offers a variety of payment options for family law matters. We will enter into a fee structure agreement that is fair and reasonable based on your situation which meets your needs and that you’re comfortable with.