Civil Law – Personal Injury

Thousands of accidents happen daily across California and many times these accidents result in an injury to the people involved. Whether the injury you suffered is the result of people, products, animals or other factors, to fully protect yourself and your rights you may need legal representation.  Caffrey Law can help.

We want to help you through this difficult and stressful time. Our goal is get the accident behind you and put you in the best possible position, both financially and health wise, moving forward. Contact Caffrey Law for a free case evaluation.

Civil Law/Personal Injury Case Fees

At Caffrey Law we will take your case on a contingency fee basis. The contingency fee percentage is negotiable and typically ranges from 15% -25%. With Caffrey Law, we will discuss every aspect of your case openly and in detail – that includes the fee agreement. No upfront costs means you can focus on what is important – your family and your overall wellbeing.