Criminal Law

Criminal court proceedings can be very serious, stressful and life altering. Caffrey Law can help you through these tough times by offering excellent representation, sound legal advice and by informing you on what to expect as we move through the lengthy and difficult criminal process together.  We always put our client first and focus on protecting your rights and future.

Whether your criminal law issue relates to traffic or DUI violations, drug possession/trafficking, illegal searches, battery or domestic violence charges – seeking advice from an attorney very early on in the process can be extremely valuable and at times make or break your case as you mount your defense. Don’t hesitate to contact Caffrey Law today to discuss your criminal law issue.

Criminal Law Fees

While some flat rate fees are available (uncontested DUI flat rate of $750) the cost associated with your case will depend on a variety of factors including:

  1. Criminal charges against you or your loved one
  2. Complexity of the case
  3. Facts associated with the arrest
  4. Severity of the charge and prison or jail time faced with and
  5. Financial ability to pay

During our initial conversation I will ensure you are informed and very comfortable with the fee agreement before you decide to hire Caffrey Law to represent you. Contact Caffrey Law to schedule a free case evaluation.